Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Vision Of Splendor

I love to imagine the face of the Almighty God, I love him so. The vision that appears the most are the things that mean most to me. I enjoy looking at the pond that is in back of my yard. I can hear the words" And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper". psalm1:3

There are days when life's problems hold us down and we feel as if there is no hope for tomorrow. That is just not so! Just look around at the splendor of God's love and life just can't be that bad. I love roses and pretty flowers, I love the sounds of children playing and laughing. I love seeing birds and wondering what they see when they are flying. What is it that you love looking at? Sometimes it is as simple as colors in the sky, the feel of the wind on my face. I love the way God looks in my eyes. Nobody can take the splendor of His love from my eyes or my heart.

To some people I may be a bit simple in mind, but Jesus took the time to remind us of all what the Father has given us and what He gave up for us. I truly feel that I am in good company. What gives me joy is when I hear classical music and I hear the voice of the Lord speaking to me in my spirit, I get a little scared but filled with joy and excitement of His presence. I never try to explain the experiences that I have with the Father because it is hard for some people to imagine. That is all right with me because the Father said in his word that he would reveal secrets to his chosen. I am a child of the most high God so why wouldn't he speaks to me and show me wonderful things of splendor. I believe Him when I pray to Him and I praise Him because he loves me. Oh that He might look upon me and smile fills my soul with praise and splendor!

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  1. I have learned that it is the simple things that we can really see God love for us. So often we want to see God working only when we are faced with BIG problems or situations. I feel if we can just see God and accept his LOVE in the simple and small things then we can be assured God is with us in our worst situations.

    We as humans love to put God on HOLD and on the SHELF we things are going good in our lives. We do not contribution to His kingdom building like we should when he has supplied us with the income to live a good life. We will look in all directions when faced with problems and not look up to God who has carried us through so much in our lives.

    So I say, TRUST GOD in all things, situations, problems and be willing to accept his directions according to His will and not our own.

    But one more thing! You have got to study and learn the Word of God before you can ACT on the Word of God.

    Be Bless and remember to gladly and happily accept the simple things in life that God bless you with.